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Our company

You would be familiar with the term 20-20 vision.

We could not think of a more meaningful way of marking this famous-optical-term, other than setting up an Eyewear retailer in the year 2020.

Specsonweb started off as a voluntary glasses-repair service, mainly looking after customers and patients in London and the Home Counties mainly in their Care Homes and manufacturing sites. This particularly was important as we were setting things up through the uncertainties of the C-19 Pandemic.

Whatever we do, our' Optician Ethos' runs through it all. Hence, we like to think that we are not your everyday commercial online retailer. We are not just selling 'products', we are giving you your spectacles.

The combination of 'Demand Based Order' with 'Try New Designs' concept help us to share the Value with our Customers. We strongly believe, that our range is unique and there is a style available for everyone.

Spectacle Advise Service Partnership

Unique to specsonweb is our Spectacle Advise Service in partnership with What-Specs

What-Specs provides two different services. Firstly, they can provide you with advise on what glasses you need from the prescription and secondly they can help you by providing advise on any issues you are facing with your existing glasses. For using these services, you do not have to buy your glasses from us. However, when you do purchase from Specsonweb, then we will refund you the amount you paid to What-Specs once you send us the receipt.

In our years of being in Practice, we have observed the importance of having the right information regarding your spectacles. This may be relating to your current spectacles or for the ones you would like to purchase with your new prescription.

This support, is not consistent across the Opticians and hence, we have created this partnership with What-Specs. This is a dedicated support area where you can discuss your concerns relating to your spectacles. Visit this service here at What-Specs

It is in our DNA to give you a pair of glasses that are simply right.

Our company

A human touch

Our company

At every point in our journey, you will notice emphasis on less tech and more human. The purpose is to solve the gap between what you see and what you experience.

For example, you will notice our product images are a realistic reflection of how the frame looks.

'The glasses look different to how they were on the website' - commonly heard phrase!

If you like how the glasses look in our website, then you can be sure it will be better when you wear them.