Simple Steps

Selecting your glasses

  • Select frame
  • Choose quantity and right colour option
  • Upload your valid prescription*
  • Pupillary Distance (PD) - enter your pupillary distance measurement
  • Select lens design - choose for what purpose you will be using your glasses.
  • Select the Lens Option - choose what lens type you need. For example, level of thinning, coatings and treatments.
  • Sunglasses Option - this is where you select between transitions, polarised or regular tints.

You will find the frame description and the sizing reference in the bottom two tabs of each spectacle frame

Why we take such information?

Spectacles work as they are supposed to, only when the frame fits well and the lenses are made to the required prescription and centered to your eyes. At specsonweb [sow], we go the extra mile to ensure we get these things right by asking additional information.

Hence, we simply ask you to upload your prescription copy so we can ensure it is valid and also our Opticians will be able to decipher the numbers to the required visual task. Once we have all the information, we will send you a confirmation email or a verification follow-up call to say we have started working on your glasses. This happens within two hours from placing the order.

Our order process

Lens selection

Our order process

Our Lens Designs, types and add-ons

This part explains how to select the right lens for your needs after you have decided on the frame.

This option is to inform us for what purpose you will be using your spectacles. Here, you will select

  • Distance - eg: watching tv, driving...
  • Reading - eg: only wear glasses for close reading (within 45-55cms)
  • Intermediate - eg: a desktop monitor which is usually 75cms to 1 meter.
  • Multifocal of bifocal - if you are a presbyope (over 40 years approx) and you have been told that you need different prescription for distance and reading. The prescription copy will have an 'ADD' element added.

The second option is to select what lens material, coatings and treatments you would like. You may think of this as the extras that you apply on the lens that make the lens more comfortable to wear and gives you additional protection.

Our order process

Anti-reflection = This is a coating that allows more light to pass through the lens. You can choose a green or a blue reflection option. This means, when you look at this clear lens under a light source you will see the reflection in green or blue. This may also be called a blue filter or blue blocking lens. The benefits of these lenses range from VDU use to night driving.

Lens Thinning = There are three levels of lens thickness that we offer.

  • LEVEL 1 = 1.6 refractive index (20% thinner than a standard lens)
  • LEVEL 2 = 1.67 refractive index (30% thinner than a standard lens)
  • LEVEL 3 = 1.74 refractive index (45% thinner than a standard lens)

Sunglasses Options

Transitions = These are the lenses that turn into sunglasses when you are outdoors. They react to UV from the Sun and their performance is reduced while driving as the windscreen will block the UV light.

Polarised lens = A permanent dark lens which removes the horizontal glare and is very comforting to wear in very bright sunlight.

Tint levels = This tint is a treatment on the lens that effectively darkens the lens and provides protection. Our tinted lens comes with up to 400nm UV protection as standard. This is the very basic sunglass option we offer.

About our Eyewear

Being a small retailer but still managing to offer our glasses at competitive prices is what we are most proud off.

Every two weeks, we shuffle our collection based on demand and therefore, you will notice, that our stock levels are to a minimum and this gives our creation and design team to come up with designs every fortnightly.

All Specsonweb (S.O.W) frames come with 18 months manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

Our order process