Specsonweb Eyewear Company's only focus is to give you the right pair of glasses that you need. Every order goes through our Optician who analyses and makes sure that your visual needs are met through the product you have chosen. This, is our unique stand and we are very proud of this and therefore you would have noticed that we feel less commercial. Dispensing Spectacles is entirely different to selling spectacles.

What is the process of ordering my Spectacles ?

Our online Spectacle ordering system is very simple. All you need is to upload your prescription, choose what type of glasses are you looking for and select the type of lens you need before you move to the checkout screen.

What is a Pupillary Distance ?

This is the distance between your eyes. This is important, because we want the centre of the lens and your pupil centres matched.

How do I get the Pupillary Distance measurement ?

There are a few ways to take this measurement.

1. Ask your optician to measure this for you. If you had purchased glasses from an Optician, they should have this measurement in your file and should be able to give you this.
2. On our website, we have two methods on how you can take this measurement yourself.

Where are the Spectacles manufactured?

All the Spectacles are glazed in England. We work along with labs who have been glazing Spectacles for over 30 years and have invested in modern digital technology to give you the best lenses for reasonable prices.

What materials do you use?

Frames are usually acetate, titanium, or metal alloy and our lenses are mostly plastic. We also sell specialist lenses such as polycarbonate for safety and sports eyewear.

How do I make sure my glasses fit well?

A good reference is to compare the frames that you presently use and are happy with. All our frames are easily adjustable and most Opticians are very helpful in adjusting frames even when you did not purchase from them.

Alternatively, please email us and we will guide you through the adjustment process if it is easier.

How long will my glasses take ?

If it is a stock range, then you should receive your glasses within 5 working days. If it is a specialised prescription, then it usually takes 7 working days. Please note, that glasses are highly specialised and customised, and this means if they do not pass the quality, then we will not send them and will have to restart the process.
However, we will notify of any delays.

Do all sunglasses have UV filter?

All our sunglass lenses, provide up to 400nm UV protection. High index lenses also equally give this level of protection.

I am not happy with my glasses, what are my options ?

We are really sorry that you are not happy with your new glasses. At SOW, you have 30 days to return or exchange your glasses. If it is a manufacturer's fault with your frames or lenses, then you get 18 months warranty on any product you purchase from us.

Do my lenses have any form of scratch proof ?

We provide a hard coat to prevent lifestyle scratches on the lens. However, please note that lenses are a highly polished surface and therefore highly prone to scratches even when we are most careful. We recommend using a clean cloth which is regularly washed and also use a face tissue to keep the lenses clean.

I am looking to get a bifocal or a varifocal lens, how do I make sure the measurements are right ?

Once we receive the order, we will contact you to get further information. We may send the frame for you to do a mark to establish the centres and then we will be able to complete the order. For orders, that require this extra step, it will take additional 3 days.

My prescription is high, what are the lens and frame options Specsonweb offers?

We offer a variety of frame and lens combinations that will result in a good looking pair of frames even when your prescription is high. Please contact us, so our experts can suggest options or even go through some products with you. We are highly agile and this is something we are passionate about in providing the right solution even for the most complicated prescriptions.

What are lens coatings or treatments ?

Coatings are additional layers that are applied onto the surface layer of the lens. They have different uses, but the most common use are to reduce reflections and enhance vision. The most common coatings are 1) Multi-layered anti reflection 2) Ultra violet filter and 3) Blue light filter.
We also offer additional specialised coatings and this is customised and you can email us to find out more.

What is the best way to contact us ?

This is by email and our email is customer@specsonweb.co.uk
We prefer this way, because it is fast and efficient and creates a communication trail which is always useful.